Customer Support

MyCardStatement is one of the most trusted platforms available to all Visa cardholders. While cardholders have a Visa credit card, MyCardStatement allows them to efficiently log into credit card accounts, view bank statements, and manage an account in a new updated user interface.


In general, with multiple pages, it is healthier to read slowly to see what the billing cycle looks like and if cardholders owe a credit card balance. Credit card agents are very meticulous and divide the credit card statement into different classifications such as expiration date, total amount, remaining credit limit, etc.

With this registration, cardholders can efficiently access First American Bank’s credit card business. If anyone has vague questions about MyCardStatement, please contact a representative at 866-604-0380.

If you have an active account on the MyCardStatement login site, you can contact the customer support team for assistance. Account-holders can contact customer service representatives on the official website, To obtain more information about the services offered, the cardholder must provide the following basic contact information:

Customer inquiries are resolved with the FNB card 866-604-0380. In an emergency or if your MyCardStatement credit card is lost or stolen, the customer service number is 866-604-0381.


Please note that the official website does not work with the Web Express interface. You can also use 1-866-572-1637 to contact customer service. ICBA represents America’s independent community bankers who create and maintain an environment in which community banking services can flourish.

ICBA actively works with its members to address the challenges facing community banks of all sizes and in all countries.

Users can also shop online through the portal and save a lot of money by using and receiving lucrative discounts on the MyCardStatement website. By checking the MyCardStatement receipts, the customer can easily see all the transactions that are clearly indicated on the receipts. MyCardStatement contains a number of practical and easy-to-use tools and objectives. This means that customers do not have to re-enroll or configure survival notifications.